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Terms & Conditions

  1. We are setting out here the terms and conditions according to which WorldPay will allow you to refer to your storebuilder product as a storebuilder product approved by WorldPay (a 'WorldPay Accredited Storebuilder').
  2. In order to qualify as a 'WorldPay Accredited Storebuilder' your product must be assessed and pass the assessment process, which will include resubmitting the product for testing each time you upgrade your software and ensuring that you remain aware of WorldPay systems changes which will be posted on WorldPay's website and keep your product current with those changes.
  3. As a 'WorldPay Accredited Storebuilder' you will be entitled whilst such status is current to use WorldPay's brands and marks in association with your product to indicate that it is approved by WorldPay for the following purposes:
    1. that it has been tested for integration with WorldPay’s payment system and has shown that it works successfully with a standard integration
    2. that WorldPay allows you sufficient access to its systems information to allow you to keep your product up to date as an integrated shop front to WorldPay’s payment system.
  4. You must inform WorldPay technical support of all relevant upgrades, amendments and enhancements to your accredited Storebuilder product which may affect integration. Should these changes be significant, we may require you to resubmit the solution for approval.
  5. You will make it clear on all literature and will bring it to the merchants' attention that whilst your product is accredited by WorldPay , there is no guarantee that integration with WorldPay's payment systems will be successful in every case as the success of any integration is dependent upon numerous details which will differ in each specific case.
  6. You must obtain WorldPay's prior approval (which will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed) to all marketing and promotional text or other material in any media that is prepared or used by you and which mentions WorldPay or any of its products or services
  7. You undertake to make no representations, warranties or other assurances concerning WorldPay or its products and services which are false, misleading or inconsistent with the information contained in the literature made available and distributed by WorldPay.
  8. Designating your product as a WorldPay Accredited Storebuilder does not indicate that any users will automatically be entitled to a merchant account with WorldPay or to any other access to the WorldPay products and services and WorldPay reserves the right to deny access to any of your customers to the WorldPay products and services for any reason whatsoever.
  9. Each party agrees, save as otherwise required by law, that it will keep confidential and not disclose to any party other than its professional advisers any information provided to it by or on behalf of the other party which in any way relates to the other party’s business or products or services, and shall not use any such information for any purpose other than the performance of its obligations under this Agreement. The provisions of clause shall not apply to information which is or comes into the public domain otherwise than by reason of any breach of this agreement.
  10. As part of the Storebuilder Accreditation Process WorldPay will carry out a check on your business using a third party agency. WorldPay reserves the right to accept or decline your application to be an Accredited Storebuilder based on the information they collect. During the period of this agreement WorldPay may find it necessary to regularly check your business through the 3rd party agency and again results from that can determine whether WorldPay will terminate your Agreement with them.
  11. You will be expected to carry out all technical support queries that relate directly to your product. Failure to do this means WorldPay can terminate this agreement.
  12. Should your accreditation status change for any reason, you will immediately remove all WorldPay logos from your website.