Button generator

The button generator provides a quick and easy means to generate the code you need to add to your website to take payments online in three simple steps:

  1. Fill in the fields below and click SUBMIT.
  2. Test that the code works by clicking the generated BUY button. This will direct you to the WorldPay payment page where the payment can be processed.
  3. Copy the generated code and insert it into your website, next to or below the item you want the customer to purchase.

Note: this tool provides the option for shoppers to pay a single amount and is only suitable for using with a single product. It is not suitable for complex websites or taking multiple orders.

Button generator form:

Form Instructions

All fields are required.

  • Test or Live ‑ specifies if the transaction being processed is in test or in production. Also please note that the URL in the form action in test mode is https://secure-test.worldpay.com/wcc/purchase and in production it would be https://secure.worldpay.com/wcc/purchase
  • Installation ID ‑ The Installation ID number can be found by logging into your Merchant Administration Interface (MAI) at http://www.worldpay.com/admin. Once logged in if you click on "Installations" you should see a number for a Select Junior Installation id, this number is your installation ID. For example: 123456
  • Cart ID – This is the unique identifier that is more for your use than it is for ours. For example: PRODUCT123
  • Currency – Choose the appropriate currency that you would like to use.
  • Payment amount – the amount that you would be charging for the transaction. (numbers only, no spaces; use the decimal point for pence or cents). For example: 27.99
  • Button text – enter the text you want displayed on the button. For example: Buy Now

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