Going Live

When you have finished integrating your site with WorldPay's payment gateway, and have sent successful test transactions to WorldPay, you are ready to request that WorldPay activate your installation. WorldPay will confirm your activation request by email - and when satisfied with your technical integration, will set your site live.

To Request Activation

  • Login to the Merchant Interface using your password and username.
  • Select the Installations option from the left-hand Menu in the Merchant Interface, the Installations page will open.
  • Select the tick button in the Activation column for the installation you want to take live (you may have more than one), the Installation Activation Details Page will open.
  • Enter the URL of the site that you want to make live in the Your website URL for activation field. We cannot activate your installation without this information.

    Please check that you have entered the correct URL. This is a one-time editable field - once you have confirmed the URL, you cannot change it. If at a later date you need to change this URL, please contact activation@worldpay.com.
  • Confirm the URL, by entering a tick in the confirmation checkbox.
  • Enter your Test Transaction Instructions in the text area provided (to a maximum 255 characters).

    Please note that our activation team will test your site and these instructions could be very useful to them when they attempt a test transaction. For instance, if your website requires special instructions, such as the selection of a special button to carry out a transaction, then our team would appreciate it if you would let them know this in the text area.
  • Select the Save Changes button. This will automatically confirm that you intend to go live.

When we have received your activation details, it should take two working days to activate your site - assuming that it works correctly and all your paperwork is in order.

For more information

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Account Login

Login to Merchant Interface to view your orders and payments, process refunds and reconcile your account.

Call by CallCredit

As a regulated business, WorldPay is obliged to keep its customer records up to date.

You may be contacted by our customer service partner, CallCredit, over the next few weeks to make sure we have the correct information about you.

Thank you for your co-operation during this process, which will enable us to continue to provide excellence in customer care.

Upgrade Your Account

WorldPay offer a number of Optional Services that you can add to your account.