Hosted Payment Pages (HTML Redirect)

Hosted Payment Pages (HTML Redirect uses HTML forms to pass information to the WorldPay Payment Service, for payment processing. You create the form, inserting certain parameters that describe the purchase (the form is known as a "purchase token").

When a Shopper is ready to pay for their goods, your shopping site should present them with a button or link which, when clicked, submits the purchase token and so passes the purchase information to the WorldPay secure server. The shopper is then taken to our secure payment page to enter their payment details.

Note: The purchase token must describe a single total purchase rather than a series of items in a shopping cart. If you want to sell multiple items, you must summarise the total purchase amount and description of the goods on your own site before passing the summarised details through to WorldPay.


  • You do not need sophisticated development skills to get up and running (see Skills Requirements, below).
  • All payment processing is handled by WorldPay's secure server, so you and your Shoppers can be confident that their payment details are safe.
  • It enables you to offer any of the payment methods that WorldPay supports:
  • Multi-currency support - you can offer payment in any of the currencies WorldPay supports (one or more currencies supplied as standard, non-standard currencies on application), enabling you to pursue international markets.
  • Confirmation - you can choose to have transaction details returned to your server and, if required, display a transaction confirmation message to your shoppers (this feature is called Payment Response).
  • Customisation - you can customise certain elements of the WorldPay payment page so that it fits in with the look and feel of your own website.
  • You can build your store around any Shopping Cart package already integrated with HTML Redirect.

For an outline of the technical requirements and skills you need to integrate using the Hosted Payment Page service, refer to the requirements.

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