WorldPay provides special test environment to enable you to test your installation. This can be very useful when you are developing your website, as it enables you to try out your pages with real, live debit and credit cards without transferring funds.

When you run in the Test Environment you are actually using a complete, working environment, which behaves in exactly the same way as the Production Environment - except that no money is actually transferred when you submit transactions.

Accordingly, you will be able access reports of test transaction details with the Merchant Interface. You can also use Hosted Payment page to make tests that do not involve your bank or other financial institution. This will enable you to get a realistic sense of the whole payment processing procedure via WorldPay, without any money ever changing hands.

When you register with WorldPay you will be given two separate URLs for each method of payment and currency set you will be using. One will be the URL for the Test Environment and the other will be the URL for the Production Environment.

When you initially integrate, the live Production Environment is not enabled for transactions so there is no risk of accidentally triggering a live transaction until you and WorldPay have agreed that you are ready to go live.

If you try to submit a live payment before you go live, you will receive an error message telling you that there are no appropriate accounts to process your payment.

To submit order details to the Test Environment in an HTML form you need to specify the Test Environment URL as follows:


When testing your integration, please record your test instructions (including your test transaction ID) as they are required for activating your installation.

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