Adding Card Logos

You must now display credit and debit card logos on your web site. This is a welcome step forward for WorldPay customers. Until recently you were only allowed to display card logos on your payment page; you must now display them within the body of your site.

How will this benefit me?

Trusted card logos such as Visa and MasterCard enhance shopper confidence at the point of purchase. By adding credit card logos into the body of your website, you can tell your shoppers exactly which cards you accept whilst they are browsing your store. This will boost shopper confidence and encourage them to make a purchase.

How should I make the changes?

At present, card logos and any other payment methods you accept are displayed automatically on your payment page. To boost shopper confidence by adding the logos into your website follow the instruction as outlined in How To: Add card logos to your website.

Where should I place the card logos?

Card Scheme rules and European distance selling regulations say that you should display the card logos at the point of entry to your shop so that shoppers are aware of the payment instruments you accept. In the context of online trading this is a useful way to assure your shoppers that your business is effectively endorsed by the big card schemes and that they can shop safely.

Credit and debit card logos should be displayed in a prominent position, anywhere on your website. We recommend that you add the card logo images, before your cardholder payment instructions on pages that promote the products and service that you offer. However, you can insert the card logo images into as many pages on your website as you wish.


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